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Centrax Cloud

We are an innovative value added services company aiming to provide total solutions and services that help redefine new strategies and maximize business productivity. Here at Centrax we know that one cloud does not fit all, a multi-cloud approach has become central to overall cloud strategy, Centrax Cloud Marketplace will make it simpler for customers to discover, buy and use the right applications. Centrax Cloud is a Division of Centrax Systems

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Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise

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Centrax Cloud Webstore Products

Centrax Cloud provides a variety of software solutions to help you get started on the path to Cloud Services as soon as possible. Cloud services are infrastructure, platforms, or software hosted by third-party providers and made accessible to users via the internet. This are value-added cloud solution of leading global brands that offers complex ICT solutions to the Enterprise and SME markets, which bring great benefits such as reduced IT cost, business scalability and business continuity especially during a pandemic.

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Our Products

GoFirst   Cloud Protect   Intercept   Microsoft   Kaspersky   Securicom   Zoho

Our Products and Solutions

Our products include Client Computing, Hosted Solutions, Cyber Security, Software, Virtualisation, Storage, Servers, Networking solutions.

Digital Security & IoT

Purchase and have access to the world’s most trusted brands in security, coupled with the most comprehensive range of integrated security and IoT solutions in the industry.

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Database & Middleware

Our Webstore has the effective solutions to permit and to facilitate the interactions between the operating systems, applications, communication and data management.

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Data Insights & Analytics

Get the proper tools and software for your business to properly collect, analyse and get insights on your company information and avoid having a massive loss.

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Cyber Security

A comprehensive solutions that has recently emerged in the network security industry as a primary network gateway defence solution for organisations.

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Speed and reliability are all-important when it comes to communication and data networking within organisations, especially as businesses move towards cloud-based systems.

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Available virtualisation products creates a more dynamic and flexible data centre whilst also drastically reducing the total cost of ownership of IT infrastructure.

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