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Refund Policy

Amidst the COVID 19 pandemic and tough economic circumstances, we at Centrax Systems comply to the Consumer Act Policy.

Refund Request Types

Customers can request different types of refunds for Centrax Marketplace products. If a customer requests a software refund directly from Centrax Cloud, we instruct them to contact us using our posted support contact information for the product in question.
If you use the Centrax Marketplace Tax Calculation Service. If a customer requests a tax-only refund, we can, at our discretion, grant either a tax-only refund or a full software refund plus tax.

Refund Policy And Approvals

The following list outlines the Centrax Marketplace refund policy and whether your approval is needed:

1. Free Trials
If we list software as a free trial product, Centrax Cloud can issue refunds on software charges accruing within seven days of a conversion from a free trial to a paid subscription.
2. Private Offers
All refunds for private offers are authorized by Centrax Cloud.
3. Software Metering Refunds
If we meter the usage of our software by using the Centrax Marketplace Metering Service, Centrax can issue refunds for software charges resulting from software metering errors. If these errors are common across multiple customers, Centrax Cloud, reserves the right to determine an appropriate refund for each customer and apply it directly to each customer. Refunds issued in connection with the Centrax Marketplace Metering Service must be confirmed with the seller one time, but does not require the seller to confirm each individual refund. By using the Centrax Marketplace Metering Service with a product, we are agreeing to this policy.
4. Subscription Cancellation Within 48 Hours Of Purchase
If a buyer cancels their subscription within 48 hours of a non-private offer purchase, Centrax Cloud will issue a full refund (cancel with 100 percent refund). After 48 hours, such buyer request is at our discretion. By listing our product on Centrax Marketplace, we are agreeing to this policy.
5. Subscription Upgrade
If a buyer replaces an existing non-private offer subscription with a more expensive subscription or a subscription of equal value, Centrax Cloud can issue refunds for the lower-tier subscription. This is a two-step process for the buyer: Buy a new subscription and then request cancellation of the old subscription with a refund.
6. Subscription Downgrade
All downgrade subscription refund requests will be authorized before we can process them.

Refund Process

We can initiate refunds for our product software usage by submitting a Refund Request Form. Once received by the Centrax Marketplace Buyer Support Team, a related support case will be created in the Centrax Support Center, with the refund status noted in the subject line. Refund-related support is facilitated directly through these cases.
The following procedure outlines how we request a refund for an external customer or an internal testing account.

Exception to our Refund Policy

Please note that we will not entertain a request for refund (FULL or PRO-RATED) when we have suspended or terminated your access to Centrax Cloud Marketplace due to a violation of our Terms of Service.